Tanning Stickers Make Tanning Fun  

Have you ever wanted to spice up your tanning bed experience? Of course you have and you can with Tanning Bed Stickers. You might ask what a tanning sticker is. Well I will tell you. Its basically a sticker of a specific design i.e. cherry, flower, playboy bunny etc that you stick on your body before you go tanning. When you are done that area where you put the tanning sticker does not get tan and leaves the shape of your sticker. Pretty simple right?

I give a quick funny story that has to do with tanning bed stickers. About 6 years ago a group of us were heading to the shore for a great day at the beach! Typical day of swimming, eating, drinking, volleyball, etc.
Our one friend George tends to drink a bit much and always ends up passing out. So over the years we would always draw on his back with sunscreen or other funny embarrassing things to him. Real nice right!

So.. I knew this day was coming so I went online and ordered about 20 playboy bunny tanning stickers and waited for George to have his fill and pass out on his blanket. Well the time came and I recruited a few friends for the help. We plastered George with the bunny stickers. He was lying face up, so we hit him on his arms, chest, thighs, and bamm one right in the middle of his forehead! He was gonna kill us!

Well George woke up and saw the stickers on him and really didn't know what to make of it at first. This was probably about 3 hours later, around 4ish. He had a nice sunburn going and when he started to peel off the stickers voila, it hit him. OMG you "enter many curse words here" He was fuming and still hadn't noticed that he had a bunny sticker on his forehead!

He never forgot about that an over the years we all got ours back from George. They only thing that sucked about the day was the disposable camera I took pictures with and then left in the hot car for a week and it melted. Would have been a classic.

So.. see how much fun you can have with tanning stickers? We take no responsibility for what you do with them hehe.

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