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Size: 13.5oz.

Divinely Dark 7(VII) Bronzing Blend

Creamy Dark Tanning Milk

Enhanced Color with Vitamin DInspired by Cleopatra and her infamous milk and honey baths, you too can experience the beautifying benefits of milkbased skincare. MonarchyDivinely Dark 7 (VII) Bronzing Blends milkbased formula is fortified with proteins and enzymes to smooth and rejuvenate the skin, while colorenhancing Calcium delivers deep, dark golden results. Decadent bronze color fit for a queen. Thanks Cleo. Ultra enhanced 7 bronzing blend delivers gorgeous, dark color for maximum effectWhole milkbased formula enriched with Calcium imparts dramatically dark color combined with supreme skincare benefitsWith Vitamin D for an optimized Calcium blendHoney extract, rich in amino acids, helps provide hydrating and skin softening properties

Fragrance: Milk & Honey

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