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Liquid Adrenaline

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Liquid Adrenaline
Size: 13.5

Liquid Adrenaline Sextuple Bronzing Lotion with Energizing Complex Give your skin a refreshing jolt of energy and a Sextuple shot of color with Liquid Adrenaline. Neutralize free radicals and release toxins with a special Catalyst Caffeine Blend designed to return radiance and emit energy. Sextuple (6) Bronzers educate tanners on a whole new grading system of brown: dark, really dark, and then Tan Asz U! A Maximum Level Skin Firming Complex tutors your skin to a gorgeous tone while CoQ10 and other antioxidants provide a lesson in cell renewal and vitality. It just may seem like spring vacation every week. This should be a good year!

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