Fair-skinned human fascination with tanning presents a number of health-related considerations when attempting to bronze one’s body. Exposure to ultra violet rays (UV), whether natural sunlight or using commercial tanning equipment, does have a particular “drying” effect upon the skin that can be of a great concern.

Tanning lotions with hemp ingredients can meet the solution to possible skin drying occurring during the tanning process. Hemp seed oil present in a tanning lotion sets this product apart from others. The hemp seed oil extracts moisture from the surrounding environment helping to hydrate the consumer’s skin. This ability to naturally produce a moisturizing effect has led many manufacturers to include tanning lotions with hemp ingredients in their line of products.

Hemp oil seed extract combined with Vitamin E can produce a smooth and hydrated feeling while consumers tan. This combination has proven to provide the highest level of hydrating effect. This has led to taming lotions with hemp ingredients to become extremely popular when indoor tanning. Any type of tanning process does produce a certain level of dryness but consumers surveyed report use of tanning lotions with hemp ingredients can go a long way toward combating this drying effect.

Although when introduced, tanning lotions with hemp ingredients might have been thought of as just another product in the growing field of tanning products, each trying to outdo the other making promises or providing the latest and greatest chic-type ingredient.

Hemp oil seed extract is what is known as a humectants, a non-oily hygroscopic substance that has the ability to not only pull moisture from the air, but slows down skin moisture vaporization helping aid retention. Hemp seed oil is not only becoming a very popular tanning lotion ingredient but is now a popular element in many other cosmetic products.

Because tanning lotions with hemp ingredients contain fatty acids, moisture retention is greatly accelerated. Yes, hemp seed oil extract aids in replacement, but the retention of the skin’s natural moisture helps reduce possible skin damage when exposed to UV lights that can dry skin quickly. So, many professional tanning experts recommend using a tanning lotion with hemp ingredients to lessen the occurrence of skin damage while tanning.

Furthermore, it has been noted that hemp seed oil helps to amplify tanning when using commercial equipment providing a more natural and darker look. The natural oils present in hemp intensify the effect of UV lights where lotion is applied.