Although tanning has been a human experience since there have been humans walking on the planet under the sun, natural tanning is not recommended for everyone. Yes, some skin types are pre-disposed to natural tanning but many of us should use a tanning lotion for a number of reasons.

Let’s start with use of a tanning lotion as not only an aid toward bronzing the skin, but as a protective agent that keeps the skin undamaged while either exposed to the sun or to rays emitted from commercial tanning beds. Left exposed to these ultra violet (UV) rays without a tanning lotion, a person can become susceptible to a number of skin damaging conditions including risk of cancer from prolonged exposure. Using a tanning lotion can help prevent skin disease and other conditions such as weathering and wrinkling.

Knowing when to use tanning lotion is also an important piece of consumer information. The smart tanner knows all too well that to help not only speed up the bronzing process, but also ensure proper and adequate protection, application of the product should take place long before exposure. You always see people arriving at the beach break out a bottle of tanning lotion and slop it on as they remove shirts and shorts. The minute you hit the beach, or the tanning bed, you are immediately exposed to the effect of the UV rays raining down on you. Prudence dictates that your skin should be sufficiently inoculated prior to this exposure to not only ensure an even tanning experience, but provide the necessary skin protection. You can consult with your tanning salon professional or read the label of the product. In either case, you’ll gain valuable information about when, and how much, tanning lotion you need to apply.

Some people swear to applying tanning lotion before going to bed. This allows for absorption during the night as the substance has ample time to soak into the skin before sun exposure. Many people who work outdoors daily practice this overnight ritual that helps to keep them evenly bronzed and adequately protected as they go about their chores.

Another point to consider applying tanning lotion is at the end of an exposure session whether lying under the sun, in a bed or at the conclusion of an outdoors workday. Use of a tanning lotion then allows for needed moisturizing while allowing the body to continue tanning although you get out of direct exposure. Furthermore, by using a variety of different types tanning lotions, one can keep an overall fit-looking appearance while maintain skin health.